If you are thinking that this is the right time to own a dog and wondering what is the best breed for you and the rest of the family, then you have come to the right page. In this post, we have listed tips on how to choose the right canine breed that will fit your lifestyle.

Before starting, you should be emotionally and financially ready. You should first understand the cost of owning a dog. If you think you are ready, then congratulations. Indeed, it can be costly to own a dog and can be emotionally draining at times, but the result is rewarding. It is what many people will call totally worth it.

Factors to consider when choosing a dog




There are hundreds of canine breeds. If you are thinking of a pet that you can cuddle or carry around, you can start with a pug. If you prefer larger breeds, by all means, there are plenty of options.

Just don’t forget that many of the smaller canines are vulnerable and most of the time very delicate. It means any accidents like mishandling or being stepped on may cause major injuries. Also, small dogs tend to be intolerable of colder temperatures which means you have to keep them warm – like buying them doggy winter clothes.

If you’re set on owning a large dog, then you will definitely need a much larger space. If you prefer large dogs but you have a small living space, injuries like a fractured tail can occur – not to mention the damage he can do to your home. You get the picture. Additionally, a large dog means more expenses when it comes to food and other dog necessities.

Energy level

Certain breeds are known to have unlimited levels of energy. But don’t depend on a breed’s personality when choosing. Some dogs, even if they belong to the lazy breed, can be surprisingly energetic. So you should do a bit of research or ask your breeder. Anyhow, all dogs need their exercise, whether they are from a small breed or a large one. So be sure you can spare the time to meet their need for exercise.

Regular grooming needs

All dogs need to be groomed. However, some canine breeds may need some special grooming especially with the type of hair they have. Some dogs shed faster than other breeds. So expect to put up extra cleaning hours. Also, there are breeds that are prone to ear infections which means they need regular, thorough ear cleaning.


Remember that dogs of different age levels have their own needs and wants. For puppies, you can expect that there will be a lot of accidents in the house or there will be a lot of chewing involved. Adult dogs may be an excellent idea, but they are often harder to train.

In the end, whether you are adopting a pup or an adult dog, as long as you have the determination to train and provide the pooch home, you are all set.



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