Our pet dogs never cease to amaze us. Having pet dogs in our lives can be expensive and will require a lot of our time and patience. However, what we fail to realize is that they are there to protect us and to save us. All the money and time that we spend on them can come back many times over. Especially if they help save our lives.

Their unconditional love is enough, more than enough. But saving the lives of their owners is the perhaps the ultimate gift of gratitude that they can give to us. Adding more to the adage, that we, humans, truly do not deserve dogs. They’re way too loving and too loyal to us.


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Another example of our furry friends’ brilliance was shown by a golden retriever in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province in China. As it turns out, his owner collapsed at home. Luckily, somebody was quick on his feet and was able to call emergency services in their city right away.

The problem is, they were living in the city – where alleyways are tight and seemed like a maze. It is a real challenge for someone to try to find a house in this neighborhood – let alone a person who collapsed and who might be inside the house. Good thing, the paramedics had an angel to guide them.

Out of nowhere, a golden retriever showed up in front of them. It was not covered in the video, but most likely, they honked at the pup, but he wouldn’t budge. Instead, he jogged forward little by little and occasionally pauses and looks over his shoulder. He wanted to make sure that the paramedics were following him.

The pup turns left and leads them towards his owner. The ambulance’s dashcam recorded this loyal pup who helped them find their patient. Unfortunately, the video was in Mandarin, so we aren’t sure about what was being said. But what was shown in the video was enough to make the video viral.

See our heroic pup in the video below:

Video credit: What in the World! via Youtube



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