Taking your dog to the dog park is not as simple as just taking him there and letting him do dog stuff, then leave when you’re done. Ever heard of a Dog Park Etiquette? Yup, it’s real. It’s something that every dog owner or fur parent needs to know, so everyone can have fun.

Watch your Pooch’s Behavior. Burn off any some energy before heading to the dog park. You can either play for a few minutes at home, or walk form your house to the park. Wear him off a little. Take your dog one at a time, or take another adult with you to keep an eye your other dogs.


For everyone’s safety don’t use the park as a venue to train your dog to socialize or to try to resolve a behavior issue. These things should be done in a controlled environment, not a dog park.


When you bring toys and treats to the park, make sure your pet is ready to share. Leave his toys that he doesn’t like sharing to others. Other owners will most likely bring toys of their own. If your pet is not keen with sharing with others you may want to skip the dog park. There’s just too many dogs and too many toys all at the same time. Choose a different venue for your play time.

Once you are inside the dog park it is leash off. You may also want to remove harnesses and specific types of collars that could cause injuries and strangulation. If your dog has a collar make sure that it is the perfect fit and that it has an easy release mechanism. Otherwise, take it off when he’s inside the dog park. Once you take your dog outside of the dog park, it is leash on. Remember that there are certain leash laws that you have to comply with.

Keep an eye on your dog. The park isn’t a dog day care where you can just let him run around while you become too busy with your phone. Again keep an eye on him, you can talk to other fur parents, but your attention and your eye should be on your dog. If in case you need to do something that requires you to step away for a bit, take your dog with you, unless you have a companion that can keep an eye on your pooch.

Clean after yourself and your dog. Always bring a poop bag. Make sure to clean up after your dog and suitably dispose your dog’s mess. You’ll ruin other people’s fun if they step on your dog poop, so clean up after your dog.

The dog park is not a place for kids, toddlers and infants. As much as you want to spend time with your kids and showing them how dogs play, it just not safe for kids to be in a dog park. The park holds dogs at every size, shape and level of aggressiveness and enthusiasm. For the safety of your kids and your dog, please do not take your kids to a dog park.

Whether you are in a dog park or now, always practice being a good pet owner. Always keep your dog, your kids, others, and yourself safe.



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