Our dogs, just like us humans, are susceptible to different failures of bodily functions. One of the most common in our pet dogs is kidney failure. This is a serious matter that dog owners should be well aware of because it is fatal for our beloved pets. On a deeper note, kidney failure can be prevented, reversed and treated. One just needs to know its signs and symptoms to be able to seek medical care immediately. If diagnosed early, there’s a bigger chance that your dog will be saved from this health complication.



What You Need To Know About Kidney Failure



Kidneys are among the most vital organs in a living body—for they act as filters for our body’s liquid excretion or urine. Kidneys are also in charge of balancing some much needed elements in our body such as water, salt, phosphorus, and calcium. Other functions of the kidneys include production of red blood cells and control of blood pressure. Kidney failure is more common to older animals, where in kidneys stop working, making the body ill and will eventually lead to death.


Our dogs are susceptible to chronic kidney disease—data showing one out of ten dogs develop kidney disease. Kidney failure progress at a slow rate, hence, it is hard to figure out the symptoms up until the case is already at its worse.


Early Detection of Kidney Complications


A little observation daily will go an extra mile to check whether or not our dogs are falling into kidney complications. Determining if our dogs have kidney complications is a little hard, since, as mentioned, its signs are sneaky and can be a little too subtle to be noticed. Nevertheless, here’s what you should look out for:


Persistent Diarrhea

Weight loss

Lethargic Mood

Change in body temperature

Appetite Loss

Constant vomiting

Always thirsty


Change in Urine Production (either increase or decrease)

As for the long term signs that your dog is suffering from kidney failure, you should monitor the following:

Seizures (can be result of body waste attacking the central nervous system)

Your dog developing hyper tension

Unnatural bruising

Difficulty in Breathing caused by Pulmonary Edema

Diagnosis of Kidney Failure In Dogs


If you have noticed any of these symptoms present in your pet dogs, consult the vet right away. They will run a series of medical tests to your pets for diagnosis. The said medical tests may include complete blood profile, urinalysis, x-ray, blood pressure, among others.


The complete blood profile will determine the levels of protein enzymes, electrolytes, and blood urea nitrogen while urinalysis will check your dog’s urine components.


Treatment for Kidney Failure


As we have learned, kidney failure could be because of old age. Sometimes, it is caused by a medical issue. Sometimes, it is also from toxin exposure. If these are the cases, it could be reversed by treatment of our dogs from the toxin exposure. Sometimes, if the cases are irreversible, a dog owner can resort to bringing their dogs to the vet and ask for medications.



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