Puppies are typically inquisitive critters who will do anything in their power to explore the world around them.

Call them carefree, but puppies are not always aware of the dangers which their environment could pose on them.


Like an innocent child who is still learning his environment, the tiny pooch risks getting harmed if curiosity gets the best of it. Ironically, this danger also includes a place of sanctuary he would call “home.”

Put Yourself in Your Puppy’s “Shoes”


While we cannot put the full perspective of a puppy’s thinking to that of ourselves to know what is and what is not interesting, a little bit of observation goes a long way in understanding how a puppy would think.

For instance, is your pet easily attracted to dangling tablecloths that have tassels or fringe?
Does your pet love to chew on anything that fits its mouth?

It might be too much of a stretch to put yourself in your pet’s viewpoint. But to have a dog’s eye view of the household environment, you have to go on your hands and knees as a quad-pedal creature. This could easily give insight as to the potential harm that may come to him while indoors.

So, whatever you think is potentially hazardous to your pet, remove it.

Create an exclusive puppy zone

Puppies may not look like it, but they do prefer their own private space from time to time. If you are going to provide this privilege to your pet, make sure that his own personal space is 100% safe to play around with.

Coincidentally, by giving your tiny pup a space to call his own, you can also teach your pet about places which are off-limits to him by blocking entrances in those areas.

With a bit of reinforcement in the idea, such as by constantly reminding the dog not to enter certain rooms, you are solidifying your pet’s awareness of which place he is allowed to go to and which are not.

Keep Them Away from These

A dog’s curiosity may at times knows no bound, albeit it’s detrimental to them. In order to offset their sometimes-heightened sense of curiosity, it always pays to keep them from potentially hazardous materials like:

· Chemicals

Almost every household contains a kind of chemical used for cleaning.

If yours is not an exception, then it is imperative that you keep these products away from your nosey pet as much as possible. These products are a potential killer for their toxicity when ingested.

· Houseplants

In as much the same way you are trying to keep certain products away from your pet, remove houseplants from its reach as they, too, are a potential poison.

· Electrical stuff

Some dogs love to chew on wires. This is especially dangerous for an electrical wiring that is plugged to an energy source. Never keep an electrical appliance plugged within your pet’s play zone.

· Hotspots

Keep everything that causes heat or fire away from your pet. They hazard burns.

· Water

Never leave your pet in areas where there’s a concentration of water like in bathtub or pool. You would not want to let your pet drown.



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