Loryn, a golden retriever, has been with her family since she was a puppy. And they live on a farm where he constantly helps her mom take care of all the animals. Loryn, at some point, has become the farm mama, and there’s no animal she met that she didn’t love.

“She’s around the farm animals, the whole day, every day,” said Loryn’s mom, Andrea Holley. “She’s a certified mother hen, and every baby is like her own.”



Not too long ago, Holley’s farm had taken in 4 rescue baby goats. And in an instant, Loryn’s love and affection to them was evident. Known to be one of the easiest–going and loving creatures, the goat loved Loryn back instantly. And they have started to spend each day, together.

The goats were named Mia, Delilah, Daisy Mae, and Henry. They spend the days cuddling with Loryn, napping with her, and chasing one another. And Loryn, being the ‘mom,’ never lets any of them out of sight. She has adopted them and takes on the mother role very seriously.

That time, the babies were very young so Holley had to bottle-feed them. They had a playpen where they spent most of the day with Loryn taking watch. And if anyone ever got out, Loryn made sure to bring them back.

The sweet dog had basically dedicated her entire life taking care of the babies in their farm. She’s always around watching her 4 kids grow up, providing help anytime it’s needed. And with no doubt, she would be there for them every step of the way.

Photo Credits to Andrea Holley via The Dodo

“Loryn has kind of become my right hand. She not just watches them or plays with them. Whenever we’re outside, she helps corral all the babies. And she rounds them up when playing inside.”

Despite the differences in their fur, Loryn sure does a great job being the mom. And Holley believes that her babies will get to group up great, too! “She most certainly thinks they’re her kids.”



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