We all know how some human foods are not appropriate for a dog to eat. Some induce overeating while some are downright toxic. If you think that your pup deserves tasty treats intended for the human palate, here are some of the most common dog-approved people food to share with them.



The wonder food! Eggs are cooked in so many ways that a pet owner enjoys. It can be boiled, scrambled and a lot of upsides down for a tasty dish. It is consumed for protein and even eaten for an effective weight loss remedy. It can be given to dogs in a form of a snack or accompanied with his meal.



You’ll often see how some dog breeds like to eat fruits. Yes, they can eat fruits, especially apples. Make sure you slice it in bite-sized shapes for easy chewing. Also, take out the seeds as it can be a choking hazard. Apples are a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Great for strengthening his immunity and sharpen his eyesight.


Caring for a senior dog? Let him have a bowl of oatmeal. This food item is a great source of easily-digested fiber. Great for eliminating bowel irregularity. Be careful of not adding sugar or additional flavoring in it.

Green beans

A dog that is always hungry and constantly begging for human food scraps? Maybe its time to toss him some green beans. These are low in calories and very filling. Ideal for dogs on a weight loss diet.


This seafood marvel helps in providing great amounts of Omega 3. A healthy oil found only on some seafood choices. By letting your dog consume salmon, you can keep his coat of fur silky and shiny. In addition to this great benefit, it can also help in strengthening your dog’s immune system. You can cook salmon and provide bits and pieces of it in your dog’s bowl, give him some of the unwanted skin or add salmon oil in his bowl.


Your dog can actually enjoy this dessert with you! As long as you don’t pick yogurts that have added preservatives and added artificial flavoring and sweeteners. With active probiotics, it will benefit your dog by maintaining and improving his digestive system.


Pumpkins are not only good for spooking the kids at your neighborhood while trick and treating. Pumpkins, when sliced on biteable sizes, can be given to dogs as a snack. Consuming pumpkin will provide a dog of fiber, Vitamin A and beta-carotene. Ideal for night hunting during Halloween!


Ever forgot that you’re running out of dog food and you have no option to choose from? Cook a chicken and shred it into bits and mix it in dog food. Protein from the chicken meat will help in providing protein for muscle building.

Peanut butter

Ever heard of a pet owner preparing a peanut butter flavored cake for his dog’s birthday? This is because of peanut butter especially those that are not added with artificial sweeteners specifically xylitol. Xylitol is a toxic substance used to add to peanut butter that is toxic for dogs. When picking one for your pet, choose the unsalted or raw peanut butter.



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